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Autumn 2017

Music from Rachel Hayward for Burning of the Clocks 2017


Mr Big Stuff DEMO

Hallelujah I Love Her So DEMO

Cabs and Kings DEMO

Cabs and Kings ORIGINAL (but in our key)

Careless Whisper DEMO



Summer 2017

Don't Stop DEMO

Problem DEMO


Problem Alt1 "D"+"I" VERY SLOW

Problem by Ariana Grande
as covered by Lucky Chops

Grapevine DEMO

Grapevine (melody only)

Grapevine (Sop+Alt1 backing)

Grapevine (Alt2+Ten1? backing)

Grapevine Alt3+Ten2 backing)

Grapevine (Ten3+Bari backing)

Grapevine SOLOS


Peanut Vendor DEMO

Peanut Vendor SOLOS



Spring 2017

Cherokee DEMO

Cherokee backing track - slower

Cherokee backing track - faster


Let's Dance DEMO

Let's Dance - Bowie (album version)


Don't Stop The Carnival DEMO


Makin' Whoopee DEMO (pt 1 first bit)

Makin' Whoopee DEMO (pt 2 soli + last bit)



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