JCOL Recording Project no4 - EQUINOX

          started Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Way back in April of this year I set up a recording project inviting you all to play a solo on C Jam blues and record it over a specially prepared backing track.  C Jam For Our Carers  which is dedicated to all our wonderful carers, now lasts over half an hour and features 45 musicians (at the last count)

Recording Project 4 is to record a funky-style blues over a lovely backing (thank you to "Tasty Jam Tracks") which takes a fusion approach to the minor blues (C minor for concert instruments, D minor for Bb people and A minor for Eb people). The melody of Equinox (see below for sheet music) works well over the groove but there are other classic tunes you could try (how about Mr PC?)

One or two people sent recordings in a while ago and I must apologise to them for not putting these up sooner. Now the tracks are flooding in, check 'em out here ...

Equinox Recordings

  • Ian - keyboard
  • Gary - guitar
  • Bob - soprano
  • Bob - flute
  • Steve T - tenor
  • Rob - alto
  • Tony M - tenor
  • Ali W - alto


Here is the music to Equinox with the chord sequence as used on the backing track. I have put an optional turnaround in bar 12 which is not on the backing but could be used in a solo.

All the sheet music and the mp3s can be downloaded (right-click on PC or control-click on Mac)


Here are some voicings for piano (or possibly guitar) which you might like to try out. The voicings are mostly in fourths (sometimes called "quartal voicings")






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