JCOL recording project no.1 - April 2020

      C Jam For Our Carers

           JCOL says thank you to all our carers

In April I set up a recording project inviting you all to play a solo on C Jam blues and record it.  I created a version of this piece using a Jamey Aebersold backing track and I wrote a new lyric.  Hilary and I recorded the vocals and ensemble parts.  C Jam For Our Carers  is dedicated to all our wonderful carers, especially during these recent times.

The backing track goes through the tune twice and then there are two choruses (two lots of 12 bars) for you to do your solo.  I'm not giving you the chords, you have to use your ears (and you may well know the chords anyway ... )

The backing track can be downloaded (right-click on PC or control-click on Mac)

Over 40 people have recorded solos so far and the magnum opus currently lasts over half an hour and is still growing. If you haven't taken part yet and you would like to there is still time. The track is up on a private page of my website. Drop me a line if you'd like the link (or you've lost it).






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